Adding the company to the accounting software database 500 CZK
Price for an accounting transaction 25 CZK
Payroll accounting – one month salary, including preparation and submission of all the required reports per employee 250 CZK
Company’s registration at state  institutions
-Tax Office 500 CZK
-Czech social insurance fund 500 CZK
-Czech health insurance fund 500 CZK
Praparing tax returns:
-monthly/quarterly VAT return 1000 CZK
-inspection reports VAT (served every month) 1000 CZK
-transport tax (500 CZK for each additional vehicle) 1000 CZK
-real estate tax (for one object) 1000 CZK
-real estate transfer tax 1000 CZK
-summary report, accounting statement for the reverse charge (tax liability transfer) in accordance with § 92a 500 CZK
-statistical reports (monthly / quarterly / annual) 500 CZK
Personal income tax return from 1000 CZK
Price for the annual report and financial statements for the corporate income tax return from 1000 CZK
Mandatory submission of a tax return through the electronic portal 500 CZK
Filing the annual report at the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic 500 CZK
Extra services:
Accounting and tax consulting 500 CZK
Advice on general economic issues and business processes in the Czech Republic, taxes and finance beyond services specified in the contract for accounting services 500 CZK
Yearly maintenance of data boxes (1 year) 200 CZK
Restoration of accounting records contract
Assistance in the drafting of transport books (1 month) 500 CZK
Registered address for organizations (1  year) 6000 CZK
Representing the company’s interests during inspections conducted by relevant institutions  (1 hour) 1000 CZK
Opening company/ individual entrepreneurs contract
Preparing a debt absence confirmation from social insurance fund, financial institutions or insurance companies for an employee / company (1 Reference) 500 CZK
Standard contract preparation acording to the template 500 CZK
Preparation of the contract at the customer’s request (possibly attracting third-party lawyer) contract
Other change (adding a founder, etc.) contract
Translation of documents (1 sheet). contract
Tax optimization contract
Consulting and preparing documents for obtaining and extension of long-term or permanent residence permit contract