About company

KONSALTING PROFI ltd. company has been operating since 2009. The services provided by our company cover the entire spectrum of the accounting of commercial corporations operating in the Czech Republic. We follow the changes in Czech legislation, which allows us and our partners to receive relevant financial information on time. We guarantee the application of the best methods and tools of accounting as well as a personal approach to you and your company. Our specialists will provide you with high quality informational support and will help you improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business decisions. Our partnership will give you the advantages of working with one of the most professional and experienced accounting firms on the Czech market.

Working with us you will benefit from:

  • reduced costs comparing to keeping a staff accountant
  • no additional expenditures on costly accounting software
  • up to date information of changes and amendments to the tax legislation of the Czech Republic
  • being able to focus on core areas of your business process without being distracted by routine tasks
  • error free record keeping and no fines or penalties as a result
  • possibility to engage our experts in promoting the interests of your company in communication with regulatory authorities
  • business consulting based on years of experience and cooperation with our partners from various fields of economy